Man selling illicit drugs from truck in Kahoua given suspended sentence, 50 hours community work

Samiu Fifita pleaded guilty to the charge that on or about 23 June 2020, at Sia’atoutai he knowingly possessed without lawful excuse, 0.16 gram of methamphetamine.

Police received information that Fifita was supplying or selling drugs at Kahoua from a red truck he was using.

The police drove to Kahoua in two vehicles via Sia’atoutai. At Sia’atoutai, they met the drug dealer driving the red truck and they stopped him.

Sniffer dogs were used before they found something inside the storage compartment of the vehicle. When Police officers opened it, they found $760.20 in cash inside. Fifita  told the police that his wife had given him that money to buy pig feed for their piggery.

The dog also sniffed something in a small child’s shoe by the handbrake. The police found $2.00 and one pack of methamphetamine in it.

“You told the police you did not know whose pack it was but that the little shoe was your son’s.”

“The police also found two scales under the driver’s seat and you told the police that you used the scales for weighing the pig feed.

“The methamphetamine was weighed and was found to be 0.16 gram an it was analysed and was confirmed to be methamphetamine.”

His judgement statement said methamphetamine is a class A drug under the Act and says  the sentence (a) for a class A drug less than 1 gram in weight, the sentence is a fine not exceeding $10,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 3 years or both.

For the offence of possessing 0.16 gm methamphetamine Justice Laki Niu sentenced Fifita to nine months imprisonment but that sentence is fully suspended for three years from March 15  upon condition that he would not commit an offence punishable by imprisonment within the period of suspension .

“You must attend and complete the Salvation Army course on drug and alcohol awareness as the Probation Officer shall arrange for you,” the judgement said.

“You must serve 50 hours of community work which the Probation Officer shall arrange for you.

“You must report to the Probation Officer with a copy of this sentencing immediately after you leave this Court this morning to make the necessary arrangements for the work and course I have ordered.

“The police shall forthwith with destroy the 0.16 of methamphetamine in respect of this offence. (f) The police may make application for forfeiture of the $760.20 under the Proceeds of Crimes Act. If they do not wish to apply, they shall return that money to you, the accused.”

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