Fe‘aomoengalu’s injuries still mysterious after police deny responsibility  

Mystery is surrounding a Tongan man’s injuries after Police denied any responsibility supported by a Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) investigation into the matter.

Taniela Feaomoengalu, 37, seen here in Auckland Hospital with injuries he claims were inflicted by police. Photo / Supplied

Taniela Feaomoengalu, 37,  was arrested outside an Onehunga bar after he “entered into a verbal dispute with police officers who were attending a family harm incident nearby,” the NZ Herald reported.

He received treatment for concussion and an eye injury.

Fe’aomoengalu alleged his injuries occurred while he was “in custody after being arrested for disorderly conduct.”

“A police spokesperson said any suggestion of police assault is completely wrong and not backed up by any evidence or witnesses. However, the spokesperson would not comment on where Feaomoengalu’s injuries came from.”

Feaomoengalu was at The Bramble Bar in Onehunga with friends on Friday, March 8, 2019, the Herald said.

“Feaomoengalu, a café catering assistant, claimed he had approached the officers’ vehicle to take images on his phone of how it was parked across the road and footpath, before being told by officers to put his phone away and leave.”

He was arrested after the situation escalated as officers tried to remove Feaomoengalu’s phone.

He was handcuffed and then transported by police car to the Auckland Police Station.

“On the way, Feaomoengalu alleges he was beaten and choked with a metal bar under his jaw by an officer travelling with him.”

Police claim Feaomoengalu displayed “extremely erratic behaviour” during the ride but could not detail how he got his injuries.

IPCA manager Griffyn Gully-Davies said officers denied using any kind of weapon against Feaomoengalu and they claimed Feaomoengalu’s mood was unpredictable, varying from crying to yelling abuse.

Police also claimed Feaomoengalu made allegations that he had been assaulted in a bar earlier that evening. After an investigation, police found no evidence of this.

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