Pyramid scheme accused posts travel pictures from Melbourne, says she won’t re-pay victim

The pyramid scheme dispute continues to grow, with Mele Hea declaring on her Facebook page this morning that she will never pay back the $10,000 the Disputes Tribunal says she owes Tionly Fatukala.

Mele Hea posted photos saying “Bye bye New Zealand say hallow to Melbourne Australia”.

Fatukala has hit out at Hea, saying that it was unfair of Hea to go on holiday when she had not repaid her.

This morning Hea posted photos of what appeared to be her family inside an aeroplane, with a caption saying “Bye bye New Zealand say hallow (sic) to Melbourne Australia.”

On Sunday when she first denied Kaniva’s story, she said she had just returned from a holiday in Tonga. She also posted photos of her and others in what appeared to be a hotel room.

Hea said she and her husband appealed the Tribunal Ruling on May 24 after complaining that Fatukala harassed and threatened her. Documents obtained by Kaniva News show that Mele Hea also appealed on the grounds that the referee was unfair.

Hea vowed that she would never pay back Fatukala’s money no matter what. However, she admitted that she made a mistake by running the pyramid scheme and said she had learned from it.

Fatukala said she and her lawyer applied to enforce the Dispute Tribunal’s decision for Hea to pay back her money, but since Hea had appealed the Tribunal’s decision, and the appeal would not be heard until next year in February 2, the court had stayed Fatukala’s enforcement application.

Fatukala told Kaniva News she would submit to court Hea’s statement on Facebook this morning saying that she would never ever pay back Fatukala’s money no matter what.

Fatukala claimed that Hea told the Tribunal she had no money and that she had lost her job after Fatukala complained to her employer. Kaniva News has seen a letter dated July 26 about this issue.


On Kaniva News’ Facebook page this morning we said, based on information supplied, that it was Fatukala who applied for the appeal which is being heard next year on February 2. This was incorrect and it was Hea who made the appeal. Kaniva News is happy to make this correction.

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