Princess Angelica Tuku‘aho gets third jab, before cameras, pushes vaccine

Princess Angelika Lātūfuipeka Tuku’aho has had the third COVID jab, her Tonga Mission Canberra office said Thursday.

Her Royal Highness Princess Anglika Latufuipeka Tuku’aho. Photo/ Tonga Mission Canberra

 The 39-year-old daughter of the king of Tonga got his COVID-19 booster shot before what appeared to be livestream video and mobile phone cameras.

Her office promoted the booster and shared Her Royal Highness’ supporting the vaccines in Tongan.

‘Ko e ‘amanaki lelei eni ki he kaha’ú ketau fili fakapotopoto ‘o huhu malu’i. ‘I he ‘etau malu mo haó fili fakapotpopoto ma’au, ma’ae fāmilí, ma’ae komiunitī!

Ke hokohoko atu etau huhu malu’i !’, the Princess was quoted as saying in Tongan.

In English she said: ‘Getting the vaccination is a wise choice in the good hope it will protect you, the family and the community. May we continue to get the vaccination’.

Her Royal Highness’s jab came after her father King Tupou VI took his third booster jab early this month.

It followed by the Prime Minister Hon Hu’akavameiliku who received his third jab last week.

Tonga had 16,813 confirmed positive cases and 12 deaths.

It has been reported last week that New Zealand’s Pacific community and health providers have reached 96% of the community including Tongans since the arrival of Covid-19.

Speaking at the opening of the Pasifika Futures Whānau Ora conference in Auckland’s Manukau on Thursday, New Zealand based paediatrician Cook Islander Dr Kiki Maoate urged Pacific stakeholders to continue doing all they could to reach the rest of Pasifika Aotearoa.

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