Covid-19: Person in 20s among 66 deaths, cases steady

‘Oku taupotu ‘i lalo ha fakamatala fakaTonga

There have been 11,739 new Covid-19 infections reported in New Zealand over the past week.

The numbers cover the week from Monday, May 8 to Sunday, May 14.

As at midnight Sunday there were 247 people in hospital with the virus.

Six people were in an intensive care unit as at midnight Sunday.

Sixty-six people with the virus have died.

One was in their 20s, two were in their 50s, eight were in their 60s, 20 were in their 70s, 21 were in their 80s and 14 were aged over 90.

Forty were women and 26 were men.

Of the 66 deaths reported, 13 were from Canterbury, 11 were from Auckland, 10 were from the Southern District, seven each were from Waikato and Wellington, four each were from Bay of Plenty and the Lakes District, three were from Nelson Marlborough, two each were from Northland, the MidCentral District and Whanganui, and one was from an unknown location.

The total number of deaths confirmed as attributable to Covid-19, either as the underlying cause of death or as a contributing factor, is 2850.


Na’e lipooti ‘i Nu’u Sila ha keisi fo’ou ‘o e Koviti ‘e 11,739 ‘i he uike kuo osi.

Ko e fika ‘eni lele mei he Monite ‘aho 8 ‘o Mee ki he ‘aho 14 ‘o Mee. I he’ene a’u mai ki he tu’uapo Sapate ne fe’unga mo e kakai ‘e toko 247 ne ‘i fale mahaki tupu mei he vailasi.

Ne ‘i ai ‘a e toko ono ‘i he ‘initenisivikea. Ko e toko 66 ne nau mate i he vailasi. Tokotaha ne i hono  20 tupu , toko ua he 50t pea toko valu he 60t, 20 he 70t 21 he 80t pea toko 14 he 90t. Toko 40 ko e kakai fefine pea toko 26 kakai tangata.

I he kau mate ‘e toko 66 ko e 13 mei  Canterbury, 11 Auckland, 10 Southern District, fitu Waikato mo Wellington, taki fa a e  Bay of Plenty mo   Lakes District, tolu mei Nelson Marlborough, taki ua mei  Northland, mo e  MidCentral District pea mo Whanganui, pea toko taha ikai ilo feitu’u mei ai.

Ko e tokolahi fakakatoa ‘o e kau mate e toko 2850 ne fakapapau’i ko e tupu mei he Koviti 19 pe ko e uhi ne ‘i ai hanau mahaki tauhi  pe ne hoko ‘a e Koviti ke mate ai.

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