Driver rams police car before hitting tree in Auckland CBD


A driver fleeing police came to an abrupt stop in Auckland’s CBD after a stolen car crashed into a tree.

Police told 1News that a stolen vehicle was sighted on Nelson St around 11.25am.

“The Police helicopter sighted the vehicle travelling on Great North Road towards Ponsonby.

“[The helicopter] maintained observations and Police attempted to stop the vehicle on the Nelson Street on ramp where police boxed the vehicle in.

“The vehicle attempted to flee police, ramming the patrol car that was at the rear and front of the vehicle.

Police said the vehicle continued at speed until crashing into a tree a block away from the Sky Tower.

“Two people attempted to flee on foot and were arrested a short time later. Charges are being considered.”

“I said ‘brace’ to my kids”

A witness described seeing the incident unfold while driving with their partner and young children.

“We were waiting at the lights near Wellesley St West, when we noticed police had blocked off the road off behind us,” they said.

“All of sudden we saw this little blue Mazda race past the police and come screaming up behind us. I was really worried the driver was going to crash into us, I remember saying something like ‘brace’ to the kids.

“Then the driver jumped the curb, both the front tyres popped, and he kept driving along the bike lane… People had to leap out of the way.”

The witness said the driver soon collided with the tree, then took off on foot.

They recalled seeing a police helicopter involved in the chase, as well as “seven to eight” police cars near NZME around the corner on Victoria St West.

“I wound down the window and asked police if they caught [the driver], they said yes, and we gave a little fist pump,” they laughed.

“It was a really frightening experience, the driver was completely out of control. I’m surprised he didn’t crash into any cars, or hit any pedestrians.”

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