10 MPs file motion of no confidence against PM Hu‘akavameiliku

A motion for a vote of no confidence against Tongan Prime Minister Siaosi Sovaleni Hu’akavameiliku has been filed in the parliament.

The motion was filed on Tuesday by 10 MPs.

Matangi Tonga Online reported the news citing an anonymous source.

The news comes after Kaniva News reported last week a revelation by MP Piveni Piukala about his proposed motion of no confidence in the Hu’akavameiliku government, saying the government’s financial record justified the move.

As we reported at the time, Piukala told an interview with Facebook livestream programme Radio Television Tonga International (RTTI) the government had failed to “aggressively address” the deficit budget.

He said the solution for a deficit budget was to reduce expenses, but this had not been the case.  In the previous budget the government’s travelling allowance was budgeted at TP$13 million, but grew to TP$21 million.

The government could not be reached for comment.

Hon. Piukala claimed this was unlawful because the law said the government could only make an increase of 10 percent, or TP$1.3 million. Instead the government increased it by TP$8 million. Piukala described the situation as a crisis currently faced by the nation.

He said there were complaints about the problems with roads, but TP$27 million had been spent on them. He was referring to the former government’s controversial roading project, which is still being  dealt with by the Hu’akavameiliku’s government.

During the interview, RTTI owner and journalist Setita Tu’i’onetoa told Hon. Piukala many people did not think this was a time to move a no confidence vote motion because it could affect the economy of the country. She suggested it could stir up political unrest in the country and that the government should be given its remaining two more years to finish off their term.

Hon. Piukala responded by asking where Tu’i’onetoa obtained her facts and said she had given her audience a “misconception of what the reality is.”

He said it was his job as an elected MP to submit the vote of no confidence. He told Tu’i’onetoa her claims were different from the solid information he had.

Tu’i’onetoa told Piukala her source of information was from discussions on social media. She also asked Piukala to explain any failures and causes that would cause enough mistrust in the Hu’akavameiliku government to justify a vote of no confidence.

In response Piukala said, he has been on livestream programmes enough times  to explain the failures of this government and he did not know what else he could do to explain it.

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