Y12 plane mechanical failure causes aircraft chaos, Lulutai calls on Australia to assist Saab 340 crash investigation

The Lulutai Y12 aircraft breaks down shortly after landing this afternoon at Fua‘amotu Domestic Terminal, a reliable source allegedly told Kaniva News.

The Y12 breaks down shortly after landing. Photo/Supplied.

The Twin Otter, which arrived shortly after the incident, was ordered to stop and temporary parked on the runway while the Y12 had to be removed.

An aircraft tug was brought in to assist the aircraft before it was able to move.

It is understood, the Fiji Airways 737 aircraft taxing for take off from the international airport during the incident had to be delayed until the domestic runway was cleared, the source claimed.

It was unclear whether there were passengers in the Y12 when the incident happened.

Lulutai airlines could not be reached for comment.

The news comes after the Y12  plane collided with a tow – tractor after the tow-bar snapped during towing at Fua’amotu hangar in July last year.

That incident came shortly after the same plane experienced a runway excursion.at Kaufana airport on ‘Eua in which it veered off the runway during an attempted take-off.

Saab investigation

Meanwhile, the Tonga Civil Aviation Division has sought assistance from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau for the investigation into the Lulutai SAAB 340B crash at the Fua’amotu International Airport in December.  

As Kaniva News reported at the time that plane slid off the runway and hit a cement block causing significant structural damage to the aircraft.

The Tonga Civil Aviation said: “As the investigation continues, the Chief Investigator together with the ATSB will continue an assessment of the recovered components, review collected documentation together with all other relevant material to the investigation.

It said a final report will be released in due course at the conclusion of the investigation.

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