Maika James Folauhola arrested in Indonesia after allegedly attacking a driver while holidaying in Bali


An Australian man is facing almost three years in an Indonesian jail after a video allegedly showing him assaulting a local driver was sent to police.

Maika James Folauhola (pictured) was arrested at a Bali airport on Friday after allegedly assaulting a driver

Maika James Folauhola, a 24-year-old from Mildura in north-west Victoria, was arrested by Kuta Police while preparing to board a flight home at Ngurah Rai International Airport on Friday.

Kuta Police allege Mr Folauhola attacked a driver shortly after 10pm last Sunday.

‘According to the victim’s statement, the perpetrator hit the victim five times on the victim’s head, shoulders, neck and back until the victim suffered injuries,’ Kuta Police Chief Commissioner I Ketut Agus Pasek Sudina told local news outlets.

The allegation was reported to police on Tuesday with the Investigation Unit Opsnal Team arresting Mr Folauhola with the help of airport security staff.

Footage of the incident shows a man, alleged to be Mr Folauhola, standing in front of the driver’s car before lashing out and hitting the driver against their window.

Police claim Mr Folauhola told officers the car had almost hit him and that he had been drinking before the alleged attack.

‘The perpetrator suddenly hit the side window of the victim’s car until finally the victim got out of the car intending to ask the perpetrator who hit the window,’ Commissioner Sudina said.

‘But the victim was actually assaulted by the perpetrator.’

Mr Folauhola could face up to two years and eight months behind bars if found guilty for the alleged assault.

A spokesperson from the Department of Foreign Affairs said it is ‘providing consular assistance to an Australian detained in Bali’.

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