Tongan ambulance dispatcher killed after crash with suspected drunk driver in US  

A woman was killed after a suspected DUI (driving under the influence) driver crashed into her car Sunday night, the San Leandro Police Department (SLPD) said.

Emergency Services Dispatcher Antoinette Finau was killed after a suspected DUI driver crashed into her vehicle Sunday night. She was on her way to work, police said (Photo: Alameda County Sheriff’s Office).

The crash happened around 11.14pm at the intersection of E. 14th Street and 150th Avenue in San Leandro.

The suspected DUI driver crashed into the victim’s car, which was broadsided, and caused it to roll over, according to SLPD. She was taken to the hospital where she later died.

The US-based Tongan victim was identified as Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Services Dispatcher Antoinette Finau. Finau was on her way to work when the crash happened, SLPD said.

“She died a senseless and tragic death at the hands of a drunk driver,” the sheriff’s office wrote in part in a Facebook post.

“We will remember Antoinette as someone who lived her life to the fullest and touched the hearts of those around her,” the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) said in a Facebook post. “Though her time with us was short (almost three years), Antoinette impacted our agency with her sweet nature, kind heart, warm smile, and pride in being the voice on the other end of a call for help. She was a loving mother, a sister, a daughter, and a friend to many. We extend our deepest condolences to her family and friends. Rest well, Antoinette. We will miss you.”

The driver of the suspect vehicle was not injured. She was arrested for driving under the influence and was taken to jail, SLPD said.

“The San Leandro Police Department offers our condolences to the family of the victim as well as the men and women of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office,” said SLPD Lt. Jeffrey Walton, “This is a tragic loss of life and a painful reminder of the dangers of driving while impaired”.

On Monday, law enforcement agencies across the East Bay and members of Finau’s family escorted her body to Oakland in a long procession, ACSO said.

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