No injuries reported after Real Tonga's Queen Air crash landed in Eua

UDATED: Emergency crews responded to 'Eua  Airport after the Real Tonga Airline's Queen Air crash landed this morning.

Tevita Palu, Director of Real Tonga airline has confirmed this to Kaniva News today saying another aircraft has been dispatched to the island to report back on the incident.

The airline later said there were seven passengers and one crew member in the plane but no one was injured.           

It said the Beechcraft Queen Air (A3-CIA) landing gear failed to function causing the plane's pilot to "belly" land the aircraft at 'Eua airport.

The Queen Air was owned by the New Zealand Catham Airline before Real Tonga secured a lease of the plane early last year.

The plane was produced by the Beechcraft Corporation, "an American manufacturer of general aviation and military aircraft, ranging from light single-engined aircraft to twin-engined turboprop transports, and military trainers".

Press Release

“This morning at approximately 0700, Real Tonga’s aircraft was involved in an incident on landing at ‘Eua airport, the airline's press release says.

Initial reports from the Captain, indicate that the nose landing gear failed to deploy and the Captain was required to perform a “belly” landing.

The flight was a scheduled service between Tongatapu and ‘Eua. There were 7 (seven) passengers on board and one crew member. There were no injuries to either passengers or crew.

Real Tonga’s Chief Executive has expressed his gratitude that nobody was hurt and he advised that a team, consisting of senior management and engineering personnel have been dispatched to ‘Eua to make a proper assessment.

Police and the Ministry of Transport have been notified. The aircraft was scheduled to operate a flight to Niuafo’ou later today and this service has had to be cancelled.

All other Real Tonga flights are operating as normal. There are no other details available at this time and an update of the situation will be provided once the necessary reports have been submitted from the evaluation team.”

Ongoongo Faka-Tonga

Na'e hoko ha fakatu'utamaki 'i he pongipongi ni 'i  'Eua 'i ha to 'a e vakapuna 'Ea Kuini 'a e Kautaha Real Tonga 'o mavahe mei he lele'anga vaka 'o tangutu lelei 'i he musie. Ko hono fakapapau'i 'eni 'e Tevita Palu ko e Talekita 'o e Real Tonga ki he Kaniva he pongipongi ni.

Hili hano fakapuna atu ha vakapuna 'e taha a e kautaha ke ne lipooti mai 'a e me'a ne hoko ne mahino ai ko e kau pasese 'e toko fitu mo e kauvaka 'e taha ne 'i he vaka. Na'e ikai ha lavea pe mate.

Ko e palopalema ne hoko ko e 'ikai lava 'a e kia e vakapuna pasese fitu ni ke ngaue pea ne fakatu'uta ai ia 'e he pailate 'aki a e kete 'o e vaka 'o ne olo'i atu he lele'anga vaka 'o fakama'uma'u mai mei he musie.

Ko e vakapuna ko 'eni Queen Air ko e ngaahi ia 'e he kautaha 'Amelika ko e Beechcraft Corporation pea fakatau e he kautaha vakapuna Nu'u Sila ko e Catham 'a ia ne nau faifatongia pe 'i Tonga ki mu'a pea toki to'o e fatongia ko ia 'e he Real Tonga.

Na'e toki lisi leva 'a e vaka ni mei he Catham 'e he Real Tonga .i he konga ki mu'a 'o e ta'u kuo osi.

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