New electric trains launched today

A new era for transport in Auckland started today after hundreds of invited guests boarded the first electric trains in Britomart this morning.

Auckland Transport announced 5,000 free tickets available for return rides from Britomart to Newmarket as part of the launch.

“The new trains will be smarter, better and quieter than before, marking a defining moment for the future of Auckland,” it says.

“The government has invested $1.7 billion in the upgrade of Auckland’s metro rail network and new electric trains, delivering a reliable network with frequent services. This is providing a viable alternative mode of transport for many Aucklanders and will achieve increases in rail patronage also playing a part in reducing congestion,” said Prime Minister Hon. John Key.

However the launch has prompted opposition parties to push for government funding for the City Rail Link.

“Today’s launch of the electric trains is an exciting event for Auckland, but brings home the need to fast forward government funding for the City Rail Link, says Labour’s Transport spokesperson Darien Fenton.

“It is great that the Auckland rail network is finally modernising with the launch of electric trains today, the next step is to build the City Rail Link,” said Green Party transport spokesperson Julie Anne Genter.

“The public are also reminded that overhead electric wires for the trains are now live across Auckland. The lines carry 25,000 volts which is 100 times more powerful than the supply used in homes and can be deadly if people get too close to them”.

The electric trains passenger services will start servicing along the Onehunga Branch Line tomorrow.

Ongoongo Faka-Tonga

Kuo a’usia ‘e he fefononga’aki me’alele ‘i ‘Aokalani he ‘aho ni ha kuonga fo’ou hili ia e heka ‘a  ha kau fakaafe ‘e lau teau ki he fuofua lelue ‘uhila ‘i Britomart he pongipongi ni. Na’e hanga foki ‘e he Fefononga’aki ‘Aokalani ‘o fanongonongo ha fo’i tikite ta’e totongi ‘e 5,000 ‘alu mo e foki mei Britomart ki New Market ko e konga ia e hifoaki kuo fai. Oku pehe ko e lelue ko ‘eni ‘oku fakapoto ange, lelei ange pea moulu ange foki ‘o ne maaka’i ha momeniti mahu’inga ma’a e kaha’u ‘o ‘Aokalani.

Na’e pehe ‘e he Palemia, John Key, na’e ‘inivesi ‘e he pule’anga ha pa’anga ‘e $1.7 piliona ‘i hono fakalelei’i ‘o e netiueka fefonong’aki lelue ‘a ‘Aokalani pehe ki he  ngaahi lelue ‘uhila fo’ou ko ‘eni’a ia te ne ‘omeia ha fefononga’aki ‘oku falala’anga. E hoko foki ia ke lahi ai ‘a e ngaahi me’afononga ke fili mei ai ‘a e kakai ‘o ‘Aokalani mo ne fakalahi ‘a e kau fononga lelue mo fakasi’isi’i ai ‘a e fihitu’u he fefononga he halapule’anga, ko ene lau ia.

Kaekehe kuo hoko e hifoaki ni ke hu hake ai ‘a e ngaahi paati fakaanga ‘o teke ‘a e pule’anga ki hono fakapa’anga ‘o e fefononga’aki lelue.

Pehe ‘e he matapule faifatongia ‘a e Leipa ko Darien Fenton, oku fakafiefia ‘a e hifoaki ‘o e lelue ‘uhila he ‘aho ni ki ‘Aokalani ka ‘oku ne omi ‘a e fiema’u ke tamu’omu’a leva ‘a e pule’anga ke fakapa’anga e poloseki ki he fefononga’aki lelue  ‘a Aokalani. Pehe ‘e Julie Anne Genter mei he Green Party foki ‘oku fakafiefia ‘a e ngaue kuo feia ‘o fakaonopooni ange ai ‘a e hala fefononga’aki lelue ‘a ‘Aokalani ka ko e sitepu hoko ko hono langa ‘o e poloseki ko ia City Rail Link.

Oku ‘i ai foki e fakatokanga ki he kakai ko e laini ‘uhila ko ia ‘oku lele ‘i ‘olunga ki he lelue kuo ‘osi mo’ui ia ‘i he taimi ni. Oku volota ‘e 25,000 ‘a e malohi ‘o e ‘uhila ko ‘eni ‘a ia ko e liunga 100 ia ‘i he malohi ‘o e ‘uhila angamaheni ‘i ‘api pea ‘e lava ke mate ha taha ‘e ofi ki ai. E kamata faifatongia ‘a e lelue ‘uhila ‘apongipongi o lele he halanga lelue ‘Onehunga.

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