Clean-up efforts are well underway in the island of Fonoifua in Ha’apai after last week’s devastating flooding.

Residents used chilly bin and empty containers to get out of residences after floodwaters following heavy rains left people trapped in their homes.

Small rowing boats were also used to carry their belongings and young children during the evacuation.

Pictures uploaded to Facebook showed the aftermath of the floods and how the torrential rain caused the devastating damage on March 4 – 5.

Watermarks can be seen half way up the walls of houses at low lying areas and in some areas the water was waist-high.

The residents fled and took shelter in the Government Primary School, the only building that was not affected by the floods.

Reports from Fonoi said six homes have lost all their furniture and contents.

Several government officers from NEMO office had been deployed to help in the emergency response and recovery after the floods, reports said.

NEMO said yesterday there were no casualties and the flooded areas had completely dried out.