This photo was published on Tonga Power website with this caption: Trees touching power lines and branches falling on them are a proven risk to public safety, resulting in unscheduled power outages. Please keep trees and other vegetation that you own at your premises from encroaching on power lines from the minimum distance set by Tonga Power. The minimum distances from the power lines under all conditions specified by Tonga Power e.g. high wind, are: 11kV-High Voltage is 2.0 meters. 400V/230V – Low Voltage is 1.0 metres

A man died this morning after he allegedly came in contact with a high-voltage line in Haveluloto.

Reports claimed the man was at the top of a breadfruit tree with an iron rod to pick some breadfruits when the incident happened.

It is believed the power line was close to the breadfruit tree.

Emergency services were called to the scene, local reports said.

Police were contacted for comment.