Tonga will play Wales in Auckland on June 16, a day earlier than originally scheduled,  UK media have reported today.

The test had originally been scheduled for June 17.

World Rugby assessed facilities in Tonga and has confirmed the match has been moved.

The WRU had expressed doubts over the readiness of Tonga’s Teufaiva Sport Stadium, which is being redeveloped.

Another concern was the availability of medical cover should a serious injury occur.

Delegations from World Rugby and the WRU visited Tonga in December to see whether sufficient progress had been made, but concerns remained that the pitch would not be fit for purpose.

The match will take place the day before the British and Irish Lions take on New Zealand Maori in Rotorua, while Wales’ game in Samoa will go ahead as planned in Apia on 24 June.

Wales’ last Test in Tonga was in 1994

Tonga has rarely had the the opportunity to host tier-one nations.

The last time Wales toured the islands in the South Pacific was in 1994.

In February World Rugby chairman Bill Beaumont said: “World Rugby shares in Tonga’s disappointment that this match will be moved given the huge effort made by the Tongan Rugby Union (TRU) to date.

“But the decision was jointly agreed by the WRU and World Rugby with the objective of ensuring that the fixture can go ahead albeit in a different location.”

Fans and travel companies had been in limbo for a number of months as they were unable to confirm itineraries for those wishing to travel.

A venue has yet to be confirmed, though North Harbour’s QBE Stadium is among those being considered.


  1. ‘E tau ‘a Tonga mo Uēlesi ʻi ʻAokalani ʻi Sune ʻaho 16 ʻaho ia ʻe taha ki muʻa mei he ʻuluaki ʻtaimi ne fokotuʻutuʻú.

    Naʻe ʻuluaki fokotuʻutuʻú ki he ʻaho 16 ʻo Suné.

    Ne siviʻi ʻe he World Rugby ʻa e ʻū meʻangāue ʻi Tongá pea kuo nau fakapapauʻi ai pe ʻe hiki ʻa e vaʻingá.

    Naʻe fakahā ʻe he WRU ʻenau veiveiua ki he tuʻunga mateuteu ʻo Teufaivá ʻa ia ʻoku lolotonga fakaleleiʻi foki.

    Ne toe ʻi aim o ʻenau hohaʻa ki he tuʻunga ʻo e ngaahi faitoʻo fakafalemahakí.

    Ko e tesi fakamuimui ʻa Tonga ʻi Tongá ne fai ia ʻi he 1994 taʻu tatau pe ia ne tua fakamuimui atu ai ʻa Uēlesi ki he fonuá.