Princess Pilolevu is cutting Hon. Lavinia Veiongo ‘Ahome’e's hair. Photo/Youtube (Paula Moimoi Latu)

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The only daughter of late Lord ‘Ahome’e and Lady Tangikina, Hon. Lavinia Veiongo ‘Ahome’e, was tearful and emotional while Her Royal Highness Princess Pilolevu cut her hair to honour the Queen Mother.

The late Lord ‘Ahome’e was a nephew of the Queen Mother. He married Lady Tangikina, the daughter of Lord Nuku and they had three children who were all at Matahiva during the ceremony.

Princess Pilolevu also cut the hair of some members of her maternal family to honour the matriarch.

The traditional ceremonial haircut of females who had a subordinate blood relationship  to the deceased was also performed on the Queen Mother’s Blake and Tangulu families at Matahiva’s residence yesterday.

Princess Pilolevu also performed haircuts at her Māhinafekite residence.

The ceremony was followed with the presentation of Tongan handicrafts and gifts.