A firefighter accused of attacking and injuring a senior firefighter with an iron rod while he was asleep has appeared at the Magistrate court.

Moʻale Vi of Pelehake was charged with assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm after the senior officer was rushed to hospital with injuries to his head and hands.

Police alleged Vi went to the fire station in Longolongo while he was intoxicated on December 2016.

At one stage he got into an argument with one of the kava drinkers at the station.

The senior officer intervened and tried to stop them but Vi allegedly had refused to cooperate.

It was alleged that this had led into an altercation between Vi and the senior officer.

Police were called to the scene and they left with Vi, a report said.

A second complaint was later lodged with Police after Vi returned to the firefighters’ dormitory and attacked the senior officer while he was asleep.

The senior officer, who was only named by Kele’a online as Peni, woke up to find Vi attacking him. He was injured while he was attacked.

He fought his way out and sought help at another senior officer house nearby who rushed him to hospital.

Magistrate Folau Lokotui agreed with prosecutors that more time was needed for information gathering. Lokotui adjourned the hearing.