A mother from Kolonga was left in tears after her plea for leniency over her son’s sentence was denied simply because the sentence had already been made.

Mateaki Pulu was ordered to pay TP$500 immediately or he would be jailed for one month for possession of illicit drugs. He pleaded guilty to his charges.

But shortly after the judicial decision was declared, the young offender’s mother tearfully pleaded with Magistrate Mana Kaufusi to be patience until they could find money.

The Magistrate responded and said the court guidelines on judicial decision did not support her plea because he had already sentenced his son.

The age of the offender was not revealed in court but Kakalu ‘o Tonga newspaper said he could be in his 15 or 16.

The court was told Police arrested Pulu for being drunk at the Digicel Square in Nuku’alofa.

When he was processed at the Nuku’alofa Central Police station Police found a packet of illicit drugs in his possession.

Pulu pleaded with the Magistrate to show mercy ahead of his sentence but Magistrate Kaufusi was concerned about his age and compared it to the crimes he committed.

The Magistrate was also concerned at how Pulu, while committing the crimes, managed to come along way down from Kolonga to Nuku’alofa where he was arrested by Police.