A Police sergeant had declined a bribery attempt while he and other officers were executing a search warrant in Popua, a court was told.

Police Sergeant Tuʻutafaiva and a team of officers were about to search a second house when Nausaimone Kitekeiʻaho interrupted and asked to talk to him.

He asked Tuʻutafaiva not to search the house and offered him TP$2,000 in which Tuʻutafaiva rejected.

Police searched the house and found an amount of marijuana leaves and buds, Kakalu ʻo Tonga newspaper reported.

The hearing last week began at a Lower Court after Police charged Kitekeiʻaho with possession of illegal drugs in November 2014.

Meanwhile, nine Police officers had been suspended since June this year on suspicion of committing criminal offences.

The latest was an officer who was suspended on Tuesday 19 July

The Ministry of Police suspected the officer was also drunk.

He was expected to appear in court.