Captured on video: Police reportedly identify suspect in Office Equipment robbery


Police reportedly believed they knew the suspect responsible for a robbery after inspecting a surveillance video.

The video was released after more than TP$10,000 went missing at the Office Equipment in Fatafehi Road, Nuku’alofa on Saturday night.

Toti Panuve from the Office claimed the suspect has now been identified by Police but no arrest had been made.

He said they hope to get more information from Police tomorrow.

The Office has released a 20 seconds-surveillance video of the possible suspect wanted in connection with the theft on their Facebook page.

A caption on the video says “$500 Reward for this person”.

In the video above, a man is sitting on what appears to be an office chair before standing up and walking round a desk inside the Office.

Anyone who recognizes the man is asked to contact 7825500 or 7825510.