Heartbreaking video of girl crying after her pet pig was found shot dead

'Oku 'ikai mapukepuke 'e he fānau 'enau ongo taimi ka tamate'i ai ha'anau monumanu pusiaki. Ko e me'a 'eni ne hoko 'i Liku'alofa 'aneafi.


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A video shared on social media showed a school girl in despair after her pet pig Bingo was shot dead apparently by a hunter.

The tearful girl wept and lamented the loss of her pet.

A young boy who was standing by the lifeless pig and appeared upset was overheard saying the pig was shot.

After the video was posted on Facebook, commenters shared their memories of losing their own pets when they were younger.

One wrote: ‘I remember the feeling of losing a pet you love for the first time in my life. It’s devastating.”

“For a child to realise that something you love is never going to come back is a real tragedy,” another wrote in Tongan.

The video was uploaded to Liku’alofa resort’s Facebook page yesterday.  Various  viral  accounts have shared the images and received hundreds on ‘reactions’ and shares.

The Liku’alofa owner has confirmed the incident to Kaniva News.

The video was accompanied by a caption in Tongan: “Lolotonga e tau kei fkakeake mei a Gita Kuo hanga mai ae kau fkehaua ia moe kau kaiha’a puaka o sii fanai a Bingo oku sii lolotonga mohe pe I Likualofa ??? te mau mate he sii tangi R.I.P. Bingo.”

This translates into English as: “While we recover from Cyclone Gita the tormentors and robbers shot Bingo while she was asleep in Liku’alofa. We could not stop crying. R.I.P Bingo.”

Some commentators sympathised with the girl while others share their outrage at the killing labelling the action as “barbaric.”