Uaine Junior Fa has extended his professional boxing record to 14-0 following a majority decision victory over Craig Lewis.

The New Zealand born Tongan remained undefeated after Friday night’s boxing in the town of Deadwood in South Dakota, United States

The majority decision was announced according to judges Juan Carlos Pelayo 78-74 and Benoit Roussel 79-73 scored their fight for the favored Fa, while Rey Danseco scored the action even 76-76.

Seven of Fa’s wins were knockout.

Fa was aggressive to start the eighth round, but he wasn’t able to hurt an exhausted Lewis.

“Lewis seemed to get the better of an exchange late in the seventh round, during which Fa and Lewis landed right hands. Fa drilled Lewis with two left hooks with just under two minutes to go in the seventh round.

“Lewis had some success in the fifth round, when he hit Fa with a right hand when there was just over a minute to go in it. Just after the fourth round began, Fa landed a left-right combination that backed up Lewis.

Fa connected with an overhand right that moved Lewis toward the ropes with about 30 seconds to go in the third round. Fa knocked Lewis back into the ropes with an overhand right early in the second round.”