Vainī residents celebrate new water supply upgrade

Lava hopoki hono fakalahi 'o e ma'u'anga vai 'a Vainii' 'i ha tokoni fakapa'anga 'a e pule'anga Kānata'.


Residents of Vainī town have welcomed a new water supply upgrade funded by the Canadian government.

The project has provided the community with clean and 24-hour reliable supply of water.

It has also reduced the more than $600 monthly power bills the residents have to pay to only around $150 Pa’anga a month.

The project has been funded through the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI).

The spokesperson for the Ongokie Vainī Community, Sione Foliaki,  thanked the Canadian authorities during a warm welcoming celebration attended by Hon Tevita ‘Unga, community leaders and members as well as some ministers of the crown.

“I, on behalf of every woman and children in this Ongokie Community would like to propose a vote of thanks to the People of Canada, Canada government and especially to you, Sir Nicolas Sabourin and those who are not here with us  today from office of the Canada Fund For Local Initiatives  (CFLI), who have a great role in making of this project possible.          Your Excellency,  your CFLI small investment really makes  huge differences in the lives of the Vainī Ongokie Community, and the Vainī Public Health Centre Foliaki said in a speech during the celebration.