A woman’s brutal attack on another woman inside a Tongan church was caught on video.

Kaniva News has not been able to confirm the authenticity of the video or who filmed it.

Facebook users appeared to believe the incident occurred at the Free Church of Tonga in Neiafu, Vava’u on Friday.

The video showed a woman beating another woman pinning her to the floor while church members were busy singing Tongan hymns. The victim was overheard crying and screaming.

Some church members finally intervened and stopped the attack.

The victim started yelling and lashing out at her attacker as the assault was broken up, according to the video.

The incident came after Kaniva News published a footage of a brutal brawl outside a Tongan church in East Palo Alto in the United States recently.

In that video,  women wearing Tongan church attires were seen fighting on a veranda in front of a crowd of more than a dozen.

The women were seen punching, wrestling, grabbing each other and hair-pulling in a fist fight that eventually spilled out into a car park.

Commentators on Facebook appeared to believe the women belonged to the Free Church of Tonga.