Social media abusers in PNG liable for prosecution

Ko e kakai ‘oku nau ngāuepango’aki ‘a e tau’atāina ‘o e lea he mītia fakasōsiale’ ‘oku totonu ke faka’ilo kinautolu ko e me’a ‘eni ‘a e Minisitā Fakamaau’anga ‘a Papua Niukini’ mo ‘Āteni Seniale’ Davis Steven ki he Fale Alea ‘o e fonua’. Na’a’ ne pehē kuo paasi ‘e he Fale Alea ‘a e lao ki he hia ngāue’aki ‘a e komipiuta’ pea lilium o e ngaahi lao ‘e ni’ihi ‘oku’ ne faka’atā e Poate Sivi ‘o e Fakamatala’. Na’a’ ne pehē ko e fatongia ia ‘o e pule’anga’ ke malu’i ‘a e kakai’.


People who abuse the freedom of speech on social media are liable for prosecution, Papua New Guinea Justice Minister and Attorney-General Davis Steven told Parliament Thursday.

He said Parliament has passed Cybercrimes Act and amending the certain legislation including that which empowers the Censorship Board.

“It is our role and responsibility as leaders to be able to protect, to be able to enquire into our own laws and see that our people are protected, the question of our rights as leaders and those of our citizens who must seek redress,’’ Steven said.

“The simple answer is yes, those who offend, those who abuse this freedom in social media space are liable for prosecution that means that the offender or aggrieved citizens have the right under our current legislation to initiate prosecution.”

Steven said some recent laws enacted by Parliament should be tested with more prosecutions to see how these laws were working and whether they were adequate or not.

“The laws of defamation have been part of our laws since independence for damages, the philosophy of damages is to restore that standing, is to repair an apparent damage as a result of an incorrect statement that has been made deliberately, that option exists today.”

He was responding to Eastern Highlands Governor Peter Numu on issues surrounding the debate on social media

“I take the opportunity to remind the critics and those in this debate, the same constitution that gives the right to freedom of speech also gives the rights to other citizens to the full protection of the law. In other words, the right of freedom of speech does not license anyone to commit a crime or to invade and unfairly assassinate anyone or other citizens their character and standing in society, in other words that right or freedom or expression of opinion also comes with it duty of responsibility, the duty to observe the rights of others to be treated with dignity and respect,” he said.

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