Expired bags of flour seized in Neiafu after complaints, Town Officer says

About hundred bags of flours seized in Vava'u. Photo/Town Officer Vāvā Lapota

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Law enforcement officers in Vava’u have seized about 100 bags of expired flour from a number of Chinese owned retailed stores in Neiafu this morning, the town officer of Neiafu Vāvā Lapota told Kaniva news.

He said the seizure was made following complaints from customers after they allegedly found the flour had been infected by insects.

Lapota previously told us bags of expired flours and rotting salted beefs were previously seized and destroyed.

Authorities concerned could not be reached for comment.

The seizure came after authorities confiscated and destroyed around 400 boxes of rotting chicken in Vava’u after an inspection of a refrigerated container at a Chinese shop in Neiafu last month.

In that incident, Lapota, said inspectors from MAFF have found the chicken to be unfit for consumption and were destroyed.

Lapota said the inspection came after complaints from customers.

He said they believed the owner of the container intermittently turned off the electricity in an attempt to save power but since the container was 40 ft long  this could not help kept the meat frozen from time to time.