Young patient’s father thanks NZ Miss Heilala beauty contestants for visit

'A'ahi e ongo fefine fe'auhi ki he misi hoihoifua Heilala, mei Nu'u Sila ki he fale mahaki Vaiola' pea kuo fakamālō'ia ia 'e he tangata'eiki e taha e kau mahaki 'i he fale mahaki'. fe'unga mo e kau misi kotoa 'e 16 'oku fe'auhi. Vakai ki lalo ki he ongongo lea 'Ingilisi' ki he lisi 'o e kau misi'

The father of a young patient at Vaiola hospital has thanked two Miss Heilala beauty contestants from New Zealand for visiting his son.

Miss Tuitui Fashion 2018, Cecilia Viliamu and Miss Brilliant star, Nāomi Fotofili visited  Peletisasa Mo’ungaloa while he was recovering from an illness in hosital.

His father Agustine Mo’ungaloa told Kaniva News he was thankful the two contestants have visited the patients.

Tuitui Fashion owner Tuitui Folauhola Tonobor said the visit was part of a mission for her two contestants while they were in Tonga to join the Miss Heilala beauty pageant 2018.

Last year two beauty contestants from New Zealand took the top prizes after reigning Miss Heilala Ophelia Kitiliti Kava was crowned Miss Heilala 2017.

The first runner up was Miss Tuitui Fashion, Titania Tiara Matekuolava while the third runner up was awarded to Miss SAS US Store, Linga Tamo’ua.

Sixteen contestants have been registered to compete for the Miss Heilala 2018 crown.

They made their first public appearance on June 27, at Tanoa International Dateline Hotel in Nuku’alofa.


  1. Miss Langakali ‘o e Vai ko Puna, Primrose Malekamu
  2. Miss Villa Ishadora, Mele Lupe Vete
  3. Miss Tuitui Fashion, Cecilia Viliamu
  4. Miss Brilliant Star, Naomi Fotofili
  5. Miss Apraxus NZ2018, Lilieta Fisi’ihoi
  6. Miss Apraxus Tonga NZ, Kalo Funganitao
  7. Miss Bou’s Fashion, Luana Fifita
  8. Miss S&SUSAStore, ‘Ailini Vakalahi
  9. Miss Ha’apai, Ivon Tohi
  10. Miss Fangailupe Tonga Australia, Luseane ‘Akau’ola
  11. Miss ‘Eua 2018, Mo’ui Fo’ou Tahifote
  12. Miss Lady Maria Australia, ‘Olita Tu’ipulotu
  13. Miss Ha’ano, Manu Ma’ake
  14. Miss Tonga Tourism, Ane ‘Ofa Pulu
  15. Miss Havelu Rugby, Tenisia Fau’ese
  16. Miss Whale Watching, Sia Tu’ipulotu

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