Complaint lodged with Police; agony as family lose second pet to hunters

Uhu e mamahi 'i he fāmili 'oku 'anautolu 'a e pisinisi fale nofo totongi mo falekai Liku'alofa. Ko hono ua'aki 'eni hono fana'i 'enau pusiaki kuo 'ofa u'uu'u ai. Kuo nau tuku atu ai ha lāunga ki he kau polisi kau ki he me'a ni.

The business family who owned the Liku’alofa beach resort and restaurant have spoken out after a second family pet was shot dead by hunters.

Tautala Ma’afu, who owned the business, told Kaniva News her family and the small Liku’alofa community were devastated after their pet pig Bingo was killed yesterday.

As Kaniva News reported, a video clip shared on social media yesterday showed a school girl in despair after her pet pig Bingo was shot dead.

In the video, the tearful girl was seen weeping and lamenting the loss of her pet.

Ma’afu said they raised the pig together with a pet dog which was named Max.

“They grew up together and became the pets of the Resort.

“All guests and tourists adore these two.  They fed them, they took photos with them.  Max n Bingo go together all the time and they even swim together in the sea,” she said.

However, after two years someone shot Max and they never saw him again.

Bingo was three years old when he died yesterday.

She said Bingo, also known as “our beach pet pig” made their resort different from any other resorts.

“This is not an ordinary pig it’s worth more than just a pig,” she said.

“Bingo was too heavy and he likes to sleep on veranda of the bungalows or under the trees because it was cool.

“Yesterday Bingo was sleeping under the tree when this man with his nephew came around hunting for animals and saw the pig lying under the tree.

“They shot the pig a few times, we heard the pig crying and we ran there and found the man standing there with the gun.

“We were there right on time because these two were pulling the pig away to steal.

“They told us that they thought that it was a wild boar.

“They left after we told them it was our pig.  They knew for sure it was our pet.”

Tautala said the little girl who was crying in the video when the pig was dead was their niece who always play with Bingo all the time.

“It was not only her that cried, we cried too.  We lost the pet which makes our resort different from any other Resort.  This is not an ordinary pig it’s worth more than just a pig.

She claimed the man who shot the Bingo lived in tent in one of the beaches.

She said they have lodged a complaint with Police.

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Heartbreaking video of girl crying after her pet pig was found shot dead

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