Fans were divided on the legality of Mahe Fonua’s shot in Hull FC’s win over Huddersfield. Source: SKY

Tonga star Mahe Fonua has been sin binned after pulling off a brutal shot in Hull FC’s 31-12 win over the Huddersfield Giants this morning in the Super League.

Fonua had an eventful outing in the 31-12 win, coming off the bench to score one of five tries for Hull before being yellow carded in the 64th minute.

Video of the hit shows Giants fullback Darnell Mcintosh get the ball on a sweep play to the left edge before being crunched by Fonua coming off his wing.

Mcintosh was left in a crumpled heap, with Fonua checking in on his wellbeing.

Fans on the Super League’s Facebook page were divided on whether the hit deserved punishment, with some fans saying it should have been play on while others thought it deserved a red card with Fonua having made contact with Mcintosh’s head.

There were also plenty of comments on the page about the sickening sound of the collision between the two players.