Covid-19 update: 14,242 new cases, 21 new deaths

‘Oku taupotu ‘i lalo ha fakamatala fakaTonga

There were 14,242 new cases of Covid-19 reported in Aotearoa in the week to midnight on Sunday, and a further 21 deaths related to the virus.

The 21 people added to the Covid-19 death tally brings the total number to 2716 people whose deaths are linked to the virus.

Of the new cases last week, 6061 were reinfections, according to the figures from the Ministry of Health today.

There were also 363 people with Covid-19 in hospital as of midnight Sunday, with nine cases in ICU.

The seven-day rolling average of cases is 2029.

Last week 12,129 new cases were reported and eight further deaths were attributed to the coronavirus.

Professor Michael Baker said New Zealand was experiencing its fourth wave of the virus, with numbers doubling in the last seven weeks.

Baker said hospitalisations had increased and watewater testing showed a significant rise in Covid-19 cases in the community.

He encouraged people to get the new Covid booster, isolate if they were infected, and mask up in poorly ventilated environments.

“It’s really important that everyone who has a position in authority thinks about the health of their workforce and their school population and the social venues that they operate in.”

Baker said he agreed with the government’s decision to keep isolation requirements as they are.

He questioned why any employer would want their employees to come to work with Covid-19 and likely infect co-workers and potentially, customers.


Ko e keisi fo’ou ‘e 12,242 ‘o e Koviti 19 ‘kuo lipooti ‘i ‘Aotealoa ‘i he uke mei he tu’uapō Sapate pea mo ha toe mate ‘e toko 21 tu’unga he vailasi.

Tanaki e 21 ko eni ki he mate fakakatoa he Koviti fe’unga mo e toko 2716 ‘aia ko e kau mate ia ne kaunga ki ai ‘a e vailasi.

‘I he ngaahi keisi fo’ou ‘o e uike kuo ‘osi ko e 6061 ne toe pihia fakatatau ki he fika ‘a  e Potungaue Mo’ui he ‘aho ni’.

Na’e ‘i ai ‘e kakai ‘e toko 363 ma’u ‘e he Koviti 19 ne ‘i fale mahaki he tu’uapo Sapate pea toko hiva ‘i he ICU.

Ko e ‘avalisi ‘i he ‘aho fitu he uike ko e keisi ‘e 2029.

I he uike kuo osi ne ‘i ai ‘a e keisi fo’ou ‘e 12,129 ne lipooti mo ha toe mate ‘e valu tu’unga he kolonavailasi.

Pehe ‘e Professor Michael Baker kuo a’usia ‘e Nu’u Sila ha kaupeau hono fā ‘o e vailasi ‘o tapolo ‘a e fika ko ia he uike ‘e fitu kuo hili’.

Pehe ‘e Baker ko e tākoto falemahaki kuo lahi ange pea ‘oku ‘asi mei hono tesi ‘o e vai kuo faka’aonga’i ‘a e fakalalahi ‘a e keisi Koviti ‘i he komiunitii’.

Kuo ne fakalotolahi mai ki he kakai ke nau huh puusita, mavahe kapau kuo ke pihia pea tui ‘a e masaki ‘i he ngaahi feitu’u oku ‘ikai sai ‘a e venitileisini ai.

Pehe e Baker ‘oku ne tui tatau mo e pule’anga ke fakamavahe’i ‘a e kakai ‘oku puke.

‘Oku ne fehu’ia ‘a hono kei faka’atā ‘e he ngaahi ngaue’anga ‘a e kau ngaue ke omi ‘o ngaue ‘o kei fakapipihi ‘a e Koviti ki honau kaunga ngaue’.

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