Seta Vaka wins Miss Charity Ambassador 2013

Kalesita Luseta Vaka from Auckland New Zealand known as Seta Vaka has been crowned Miss Charity Ambassador 2013 Saturday 16 in the Auckland Townhall.

The achievement comes as part of a career she pursues since high school.

“I love modelling so much and I’m planning to go as far as I can in this industry. Ever since I started Modelling and every opportunity that comes my way I grab it and what motivates me more to join this kind of contest is the help and support from my loving family and friends,” she told Kaniva News.

Miss Seta Vaka,20, from Otara talked about the secret she keeps so she could consistently maintain natural beauty.   

“ [I] go for a run morning and afternoon or whenever I’m free, eating lots of vegetable and fruits and cut out the meat and never miss breakfast and drink heaps of water".

What experienced as a hindrance to her endeavour to fulfil her modelling career was the angafaka-Tonga, but she was advised that it won’t be a problem.  

“As a young Tongan girl at first I found it hard to wear revealing clothes specially the beach wear because of our cultures rank of respect but than my family told me that it is okay and they understand that it is part of being a model is to wear beach wear etc.

“And so as a model I’ve been in competitions such as Bikini wear competition, My Calendar Girl Model Search NZ/Aussie and International Lingerie Model Search where I had to wear swimwear or bikinis and this made it easier for me when it comes to beauty contest and all.

I’m a Loud and Proud Tongan girl I love my people and I love my family and I’m really grateful and just wana thank all of them for supporting me throughout my journey in life but most of all I wana thank the Heavenly Father for Blessing me with such an amazing people that are really supportive and for blessing me with all these opportunities. “Ko e ‘Otua mo Tonga ko hoku Tofi’a”

Family: Her dad is Piliseni Vaka from Neiafu Vava’u, Niuatoputapu, Kolofo’ou, Ma’ufanga Tongatapu and her mom is Pauline Ofanoa Vaka from Nomuka, Uiha, Felemea, and Faleloa Ha’apai.

We had an earlier version of this story that said the event took place in Nuku'alofa. The beauty peagant took place in Auckland.

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